Humanality Development: Self-acceptance Integration

This involves helping people integrate their personality strengths into their work and personal relationships. It is a strengths-based personality assessment which now celebrates its 30th Anniversary and is also used for couples by

Working on a weekly basis, at first, we would concentrate on familiarising you with your Humanality, what it means, what your normal, unhindered, natural and necessary way of being is and how you can integrate your learning about your Self into your communications with others. You will also learn about other types of Humanality, what is normal behaviour for them and how you can flex your communication style without losing your integrity, your dignity or your identity so as to get the best out of others and yourself.

When you learn how understand others from their Humanality perspective you will subsequently learn how to communicate with them from their frame of reference, understand their intentions and confidently and assertively be able to communicate yours;

"We judge ourselves by our intentions, but we tend to judge others by their behaviour"

(Dr Patrick Handley).

Here is what one senior executive had to say about one of his reports after having seen me for about a year.

"As a significant result of seeing Annette on a regular basis Peter has delivered a superb year. He brought expertise in executive development to a new and demanding role. But he was set a mighty challenge to turn around influence and credibility with senior stakeholders sufficiently to carve out and execute a multi-million pound, world class leadership behavioural change initiative for the company's most senior executives, in-house. Critically this was from scratch with no pre- existing infrastructure (team, premises, etc), and most operational capability only existing in third party contractors. He nailed this with a combination of rare interpersonal insight, personal discipline in building credibility with critical board level internal and external stakeholders, and a learnt capability to influence. Peter also added proactivity, diligence, an ability and bravery to coach upwards effectively, candour, innovation, and an appetite for risk. The result was world class development, a measured change in leadership behaviour, and a massive step up in personal credibility and visibility".

This kind of personal coaching is aimed at people who are doing pretty well already but who want to continually stretch and develop themselves, their skills and intra/interpersonal relationships and intelligence to a higher, even more productive level. The aim is to help people get, and stay on purpose going forward so as to become outstanding in their organisations, as well as their personal and social lives.

Another client said of his experience:

"I've been working with Annette for 14 months on my personal development. I'd been getting consistent feedback about my behaviour at work which was holding me back. There was nothing earth shattering, I just wasn't giving my best contribution and I needed to unlock whatever it was that I did or did not do which kept me stuck.

Annette was recommended to me by a professional coach whom I trust, so I started our sessions with an open mind and a willingness to change. Annette's style of working in partnership with me helped me be honest and frank from the first session. I was able to see my own limiting mind sets and behaviours with a fresh perspective and this created the conditions for deep personal and professional change.

Annette created the space for me to hear my own voice and explore my own thoughts, free from what others might want me to think, feel, or do. I was able to connect more deeply with my own personal purpose and from that place of strength I started to make small, safe changes over time.

In our sessions we used the Humanality profiling tool. I'm familiar with many such tools but this one was new to me. The insight it provided helped me flex my style to meet the different preferences of colleagues at work. It also helped me understand why some of my friends are the way they are and I've worked my way through some conflicting situations using an understanding of Humanality types. After 14 months, using this logic comes naturally and both personal and professional relationships are benefiting.

The overall results from my sessions with Annette are remarkable. I've moved from the middle of my professional peer group at work to become the outstanding performer of the year. I work for a board member in a FTSE 100 and they have said the change in me is 'astonishing'. They have never seen anyone achieve the performance I've managed in such a short space of time and deliver such world class results.

At a personal level the changes I've made have helped improve my relationships at home and I've now been back at the gym for six months, so my energy levels and physical wellbeing have also improved.

I've invested 50 mins each week over 14 months working with Annette. It's been the best investment I've made.


If you want to develop your personal strengths, understanding of others and thereby improve your marketable people (junior and senior) management skills then please email me with a brief synopsis of where you believe you are in your career at present, and where you'd like to be, at or ring me on 07931-333679.